Saturday, January 30, 2010

1036 : Best Places to Work - SAS

This time around Dr. Jim Goodnight’s SAS tops Fortune’s best places to work list. I have a buddy who worked at SAS 10 years ago, and he still swears by the place.

Its amazing how seemingly simple things make an organization world class. Day care, fitness centers, good work, healthy food, respect for family time – and you have a bunch of happy motivated employees and then you have a super achieving organization.

And yet, most organizations totter around and never get this simple trick right.

My 3 observations

1. I think key fault lies in allowing individuals to be larger than the corporation. You can never allow an employee to put his interests before the firm’s, the minute you allow that, then all kinds of social malaises (politics, sycophancy, lick my bum…..and the ilk follow).

2. Also never ever for a day allow a person who is not respected enough to remain in the organization

3. Lastly, if the desire to slow down kicks – move the employee to sidelines, so that they don’t hamper others from running fast.

In summary – a firm is composed of teams not individuals – so keep your individuality at home; the firm is always much bigger than its parts;….and never allow slow movers to impede the rest of the firm.

BTW, Dr. Goodnight, do you have a spot in your team which serves Wall Street?

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