Saturday, January 16, 2010

1016 : Mention not !!

(related to previous post)

I was having dinner last week, with someone whom I had met for the first time. He noticed that for every roti, every beer….every single thing the usher was doing I was beaming wide, looking at him straight in the eye and saying “thank you”.

He said “Amit, you do say “thank you” quite a lot”.

I told him exactly I wrote in my previous post.

I don’t thank because I have to, I thank because I want to. I want to silently tell the universe that I really appreciate the usher, his parents and the whole ecosystem around him and me – because he served me, my today’s bread. In all probability, I shall never ever see him again, but to me it makes a lot of karmic sense to not just thank him, but also internally realize how important his presence has been for my dinner experience today.

I wonder where and when (and why) did we remove the “feelings” out of the “magic words”.

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