Friday, January 01, 2010

1001 : Made in heaven


I attended a Parsi Wedding on 29th (near Afghan Church @ Colaba). It was for a dearest dearie (interesting tautology !!).

For the record, I hate attending conventional marriages, yes, you heard me right….I HATE conventional marriages. Hate is a strong word, but that is what it is for me.

Where I struggle is, the fact that the whole premise of the enterprise is “box ticking” by one and everyone involved….it almost gets impossibly ridiculous. You go for these weddings because you are invited, you are invited because you have to be invited, the photo circus is conducted because it has to be done, the food is awful (since it is usually industrially produced….and I still love the traditional hand-made food….no love, no taste….!!)…..its a doomed and meaningless ritual (at least in my head).

But this Parsi wedding was different, very different. How????
1. Every single person in the wedding, seemed to be putting his best foot forward. Dressing sense was awesome (not rich!!, but awesomely “in”). A community which takes pride in dressing and decking up, must truly be evolved in some ways at least.
2. Dearie and husband were on the stage hugging and laughing….they seemed enjoying themselves. Post the mandatory photo-ops, they walked around joking laughing hugging lugging at every single person in that wedding.
3. Booze flowed, and so did the fun. (Whats a marriage without being soaked in red blood wine!!)
4. Seats were laid in round table, and multiple groups of conversations and family had already formed.
5. Food was being served in a “sit-in” versus the usual-fuck-all buffet (the saddest innovation known in dining services…..kills the joy of any meal. )
6. Old and young were reaching out to each other, dancing, chatting.
7. Food was outstanding, served with love and coercion (yes, thats a positive word today) by the servers (would have been so much better had it been served by family).

All in all, I loved the wedding. Its an experience, I dont want to forget. Marriages are supposed to be fun and love, and not the circusfest that we have reduced them to now-a-days.

On a personal note, I definitely want to get married again, before I die, hopefully to the same girl again :-). If I ever manage to pull that off before I suck in my lungs, the following rules will definitely apply:
1. The marriage will be at an off-fun-location (say Goa, or say a Vineyard…that sounds perfect !!)
2. Limit the list to just who needs to be there, that will definitely include family and friends, but those who really want to see me married, instead of those who I need to invite else their penile egos will feel rejected and deflated….I really don’t care about their ED problems :-)
3. Its going to be a multi-day affair.
4. Red poison has to flow….
5. Food will be hand cooked and hand served. “We shall live to eat and feed on account of love.”
6. Music (soundtrack is an essential part of a marriage) will be played throughout.
7. Fun and dance will be part of the whole activity.
8. Children will be integral to the wedding, we are not doing an “adult only” affair. We owe them their future.
9. Similarly, elderly cannot be on the fringes. We treat them as our age and include them. We owe our present to them.

The list goes on….

Did I not post a few minutes ago,  “I wish for nothing….”, deeper shit was never spoken sooner!!

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SSV said...

Hey !! ... No penile egos ... but U shud atleast have added ur dedicated blog readers on tht list ! ;)
.. nice 1 by the way ... il keep these in mind .. wen il make my debut.. som 6-7 yrs down the line :-)

Amitabh said...

will definitely are on the list :-)
have a blast this new year :-)

Viji said...

OK Am volunteering to be general dogsbody at your re wedding ( sounds like re tweet) and will do anyhting you want me to so that it is as you want it : ) : ) : )
All you said about DD's wedding is so, so, true : ) : )