Sunday, December 27, 2009

995 : Give me $30 worth of Spermicide

Inspired by I won't mind using sperms to defy age!—Sherlyn Chopra, which I reached via Human Sperm and Bobilli Vijay Kumar @ India Uncut…..

If both of these stories are assumed to have some substance (other than the very obvious human “element”), why can’t this be the next hot startup idea.

I can almost imagine, walking up to a VC saying that I need about 10k USD. He will ask, “Is that it?” and me shall say, “yes, mine is a bootstrap idea. Its capital intensive, and uses the “billion” people India story to the hilt.”

Endless rows of male staff, aged between 18 and 50, working endlessly on their porn videos and wanking away to glory. Average collection 15g per male. If we have about 1000 staff, 15kg of sperm a day, thats enough to make about 200kg of face cream….thats about 1000 vials of 200g each.

If we sell each vial for about Rs.400 each, thats a cool 4 lac a day. With scale this idea can go places.

I can see myself being finally in the Fortune 40 under 40, and the Fab Forbes….

When I do reach that zenith, I will never forget to thank Amit Varma and more importantly, Sherlyn Chopra.

How’s Spermosa as a brand name, or Spream (sperm cream).

Ideas invited.

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1 comment:

SSV said...

hahaahaha!!!!... certainly ... fortune 40 under 40 !!! ..
Great one ..
(aftr readn india uncut n the excerpt frm his frst book).....

ur post certainly got me hooked on this amazing buk, shall hv to purchase it soon!!