Friday, December 25, 2009

991 : Dohhh moments….

I think its the season for dohhh moments.

#1 : Someone was very bemused that their little child had correctly typed “QWERTY…” on the text message. “How come, how did she know of QWERTY?”. We explained that thats how the keyboard is laid out, and since your phone has a QWERTY keyboard, all the child had to do was type in sequence…..and the mom said “ahah!! so thats why they called it a QWERTY keyboard”.

#2 : “Who is the lead singer of Dave Matthews Band?”. I don’t know, let me take a wild guess, maybe it is “Dave Matthews”.

#3 : “This thermometer is showing 98.3 degrees, but I need it to show in Fahrenheit, why is it showing in Celsius.” Lady, if that was indeed Celsius, your blood would be boiling by now.

There is a little bit of Homer in all of us.

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