Sunday, December 20, 2009

981 : If you don’t want to, say so….

Picture this.

I am Crossword, hunting for some vaguoo book by Samantha Harvey (more on that later). I am close to the fiction/poetry section. Crossword has a sale going on, and hence the aisles have “sale stuff”.

The table next to me housed Fisher-Price toys.

A sopho mom (you know the Hiranandani types) and her 3 year old daughter (you know those types as well :-), I guess) walk towards the toys, and the conversation goes:

Daughter : (pointing at a harp) Muma, what is this?
Mom : That is for making music.
Daughter : (pointing at a musical keyboard) and this?
Mom : That is also for making music.
Daughter : (pointing to clay and dolls…I could not see where exactly was she pointing) and this?
Mom : That also….(saying this, she starts walking away).
Daughter : (still stuck to the earth) Muma, and what is this? (pointing at something new….I cant see)
Mom : (from about 10 feet away) Darling, that is used for music as well. (and now she walks towards daughter in an attempt to pull her along.). Come, lets walk ahead.
Daughter : (Still looking longingly at the toys) Muma, if you don’t want to buy, then tell me so…..(and grumpily follows her mum)

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