Sunday, December 20, 2009

976 : Love and longing in the month of fall…

For an unemotional slicker like me, “love” can be deconstructed as a sense of longing and belonging, which creeps (and hopefully stays) into your mindscape.

If that is a fair approximate definition, then yes, I do “love” people and things….but very rarely does the emotion spike.

(Strangely) in the past 3 months, a wee spike is definitely present, and unlike in the past, I am letting the feeling seep into me.

I realized that if you don't resist, the feeling is good, almost like “falling in love” again, and I am enjoying living through this feeling of crashing. 

The process is almost like rediscovering a side of yourself, which you have denied insofar, even to the mirror in your bedroom.

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