Sunday, December 20, 2009

975 : Movie 38 : Hangover

Caught up Hangover with MaPa and spousey. It is the most wickedly well made movie that I have seen in recent times.

I loved the slick editing, the sly tongue in cheek, the utter juvenile grossness……technically the movie is about as well made as any.

1. Slick editing.
2. Fantastic style of story telling.
3. Super character development – by the end of the movie, you feel (you get into) all of the characters on the screen.
4. Outstandingly well chosen background score.
5. Excellent performances by the actors.
6. Surprising props, Mike Tyson, anyone?
7. Taut screenplay and extremely well written.

I can easily catch this movie 5 more times.

On my scorecard, a rare 10/10. Almost perfect is “perfect 10” for me.


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