Friday, December 18, 2009

971 : Per:-(lexed

Continuing from 942 - Google works in mysterious ways

I have gotten 15 hits in the past week based on “iyer fucking inside a temple”

Two questions:

1. Which weirdo puts such a search string within the google box.

2. WhyTF does google resolve it to my blog.

Like my sis exclaims, Devaaraay :-)
(I need to learn to say it like her. BTW, just for the record, she does not think very highly of Iyers :-), period…….irrespective of what some of them might do in a temple, or not.)


7 people got onto my blog, by putting “iyer aunties” as the search string. If this continues to be the trend, I think my blog can be the next Savita Bhabhi, and I am on my way to be the next Anurag Dixit.

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