Monday, December 14, 2009

967 : Angst (entropy) and art….

Continuing from my post on entropy, and my mom’s comment on angst and its contribution to art…..

The more I think of it, I think what Amma mentioned that day was insightful. Let me explain.

Zeitgeist or art is nothing but an expression of “being different”, “being out of the normal curve”….almost a subtle form of “rebel” which can also take on extreme and violent forms.

If we agree with that “simplistic” definition of art, then “true art” cannot emerge without any genuine dis-satisfaction with our own current state.

The 50’s had war, the 60s had “unrootedness” and communism, the 70s had woodstock, the 80s had “baby bloomers”, the 90s had “so close yet anonymous”…..but since then, we don’t really have a common strong theme.

I also believe, today, more than ever, the world is identifying (more easily) a person out of the curve, and punishing him/her for it. The technology and tools are making this identification more direct and explicit. The world we live in today has become more unforgiving to those who don’t fall in line…..the price, we all want to turn out to be part of the conforming lumpen…..

I am sure, out of this mis-understood period will emerge artists who will want to stand out….but the art will become more and more deviant and an average person (like me bloke) will fail to relate to it easily. (Example Mukul Deora and his experiment to smash a brand new car….I don’t understand this form or art/angst at all….though I implicitly empathize with it.)

Art as we lumpen understood it (great color, films, sounds, writing…will slowly die a bleak and un-lamented death….and will be replaced with the new deviant and fringe arts….which in due course…shall of course, become, mainstream….but till then, old time traditionalists like me would have been reduced to the periphery…..our voice wont even matter)

Get ready to welcome the new world order in art, either accept it, or be prepared to be marginalized.

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