Monday, December 14, 2009

966 : Freudian slip….

Sweets and I are both reasonably big  of  The Simpsons. We keep playing this juvenile game of identifying real world characters who fit into the mould of Simpsons characters. For example, we have a Marge, Homer, Bart, Patty & Selma (WTF are they? go figure, use wikipedia), and Mr. Burns.

And through this period we have been calling Burns as Frank Burns (oh ok ok…you purist fcker, I get we were wrong….no reason to get all excited !!)…..

The burns in Simpsons is Montgomery Burns, and Frank Burns is from MASH (which is also our favorite). We have lived with this sly error for long without realizing it.

I was watching MASH yesterday, when I eventually realized how easily we both had confused the characters.

(By now, no doubt, you have formed a very high opinion of our intelligence – a posse which devours Simpsons and MASH, and follows the personal lives of these fictional characters….must surely be so very rooted in the harsh reality of our world.)

simpsons-schip-page-not-a-hack-say-republicans-mr-burns frank-burns

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