Monday, December 14, 2009

963 : Dissolve into chaos

What fascinates me, is the slow steady decline of all that is usually considered “good” by world views. So for example, a fresh coat of paint….does not appear “fresh” beyond months, usually cracks appear and soon, within a year or so, its time to dab it again.

Relationships sour….friendships are forgotten, nostalgia kicks in….habits change….people die…..get the drift?

Everything changes….and usually the natural level for the water seems very low as compared to where we want it to be.

Mechanics calls this “entropy" – and the fundamental (yet very simple axiom) that in any observable bounded (closed) system – the entropy will continue to steadily rise.

I dont have to look beyond my office desk, or my inbox….unless I clean them daily….the mess slowly adds up to an extent that after a point, there is no point even trying to clean it up.

I find this whole cosmic dance fascinating….seriously, I find the fact that all of us are constantly declining (dying) just so magical…..(I probably am not verbalizing it well enough here)…..

A thought crosses my mind….why is entropy usually not a “desired quality”….or why is it not ok to let the water find its own “resting” level (which theoretically, it never will…since it will continue to decline further and further)…..

I am mesmerized….. This fight against entropy is what we (probably) call as “life”…but its such a meaningless gutterbag ball….come to think of it, we can never escape death, we can only postpone it.

No wonder, this phenomenon in the real world, sometimes tickles me.

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