Sunday, December 13, 2009

959 : By the Hudson Bay

The screaming river flows steadily by the shallow bay,
I emptily stare at it through the long dreaming day,

The water running through carries through infinite stories,
Some strangely silent, some loud enough to be heard on its ferries,

My own mixed thoughts meld into the stream that flows,
One more random story added to the wind that blows,

I ponder, does it even matter - adding one more to this infinity,
The river says, “don’t even bother, I do not judge you by your salinity”

That response makes me smile, “does the river know I am not Him”,
It occurs to me, the river does not follow episodes of “According to Jim”,

My eyes follow the water till I see some languishing logs are heavily stacked,
Its at this point, I chuckle, even the (anonymous) river seems to have (finally) cracked.

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