Sunday, December 13, 2009

958 : 2009 The year of braking down

Continuing from my previous post, 2009 has not been a great year in terms of driving. Two trips I really looked forward have had to be cancelled – one was a brilliant trip to Golden Temple (killing many birds with one car)….and the other was a slap dash to Banglore.

Like I was telling someone 2 days ago – I have this gloomy feeling, I have a sinking feeling that I shall look  back at both of these misses with deep regret.

Both of these trips were something that meant more than “anything” money could ever buy. My hands are really itching all through this period. (Really, if a deal was to be made, would gladly give up a couple of years of my life to be on these two 5-day trips……the loss is irreparable…..the dreaming tree is dying!!)

I have this vaguoo temptation to just pack a duffle, top the fuel and drive through to Mount Abu or some fancy destination and back…..It will not still take the pain of the two misses away, but will at least distract my mind away from that numbing soreness.

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