Sunday, December 13, 2009

956 : Twins….twice the fun

Picture this. I am at the lounge at Doha, tired and wanting desperately to get back to the comfort of my home (another 5-6 hours away).

In the table next to me, sat a mallu couple (a gelf couple…if I might add, but a sopho mellu couple).

They had 2 kids with them (twins). One of them appeared to be a  boy and the other a girl (difficult to be sure), but I kind of knew.

They wore similar clothes, and both sat together with their own little plates and ate on their own. Were both around 3 years of age, no more, no less….I should know, given my (limited) knowledge of children !!

They both spoke immaculate English, ate their own meals, demanded a lot of their mom (in terms of food), and yet were very well behaved.

I looked through them for the best part of my meal – which was 2 bowls of soup and 4 cups of chai (I can drink extraordinary amounts of that poison.)

For the best part of those 30 minutes, they cheered me up, and made me smile under my lips, with their antics.

(Bless you and) Thank you (unknown) sweethearts !!, you just made a stranger’s day.

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