Sunday, December 13, 2009

955 : Wake up call

I am 70, and on my death bed. In a very apocryphal narrative, I can see my whole life pass by me, and I strangely recall this day around my 34th birthday – wherein I was staring at the cake (oblivious of the celebration’s around me) and thinking if this is my half-life, is this what I shall be happy with when I am 70. Is this the romp that I want to celebrate? (At 34) thinking, will I write that book (I always wanted to), will I drive down to Leh, will I learn to play a (any) musical instrument….and a thousand alive dreams before I breathe my last?

At 70, I realize that I have done none of that, and sheepishly realize that life did give me a wake up call on my 34th birthday, as I recall that day in my dying moments…and I feel a life half lived….No second chances!!

Its strange to have to die on that incomplete note. To not to have done something which I could have easily done, had I just chosen to do it….as simple as flicking the switch…..the road less travelled.

I am woken up by the air-hostess. I was dreaming this on a recent flight, and had she not woken me up, I would have lived through all of this, and not remembered any of this (since I usually don’t remember any of my dreams)….but this one, because of the abrupt break, remained fresh in my head.

It seemed very spookily eerie, because my 34th is approaching in a month.

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