Sunday, December 13, 2009

954 : Movies 37 : District 9

This is one movie you must watch, if you like dark movies about dis-utopia. I just loved this movie. Its fascinating how the story is almost narrated as a documentary – and creates this almost “real” make believe background for us to get into the movie.

How the life of the protagonist degenerates, and the subtle disutopian undertones throughout, make this one of the blackest movies I have seen in recent times….and yet, its keeps you engrossed, in an almost edge of the seat thriller kind of mode….though there is no suspense, no thriller, no potboiler….its just a documentary about aliens living in slums in Johannesburg.

A definite addition to your DVD collection. Add it, keep it, and show it to your children in 2025….they shall see how dis-utopia had been portended in 2009.

An overall 9/10. Brilliant movie….Must rank right up there with “Dark Knight”.

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