Sunday, December 13, 2009

952 : Movies 35 : Public Enemies

If you ever thought why world over, Johnny Depp is a popular guy, go watch this movie. Its an outstanding (true) story of “John Dillinger” a thief who lived in the early 30s, robbing banks on the streets of Chicago.

This story is supposed to be a cat and mouse between John Dillinger and Melvin Purvis (Christian Bale) as the cop out to get him.

The characterization of John Dillinger is so smooth, you almost end up wanting him (the evil guy) to win. His approach to life and crime is so “romantically” projected onto the screen, that its difficult to escape his charm.

Interesting to note, how he keeps losing friends, and yet compulsively continues to rob banks at will, almost by force of habit, knowing fully well, that at one point the world will get better of him.

The movies is supposed to be riddled with inaccuracies, but WhoTF cares, go watch it, this is worth adding onto your DVD collection. A dark movie that makes you feverishly wish, that the dark eventually wins…..knowing fully well, thats not how life is ever meant to be.

Gems like

“If you are looking at what I am looking, honey, you’d be in a hurry too.”

(after being told by Billie, his girl in the movie, that he seems to be a man in a hurry)


“I am catching up……on life, meeting someone like you. Dark, beautiful, like the black bird in the song….”

(after being asked by  Billie, what does he do for a living)


You would almost end up thinking before the movie, Depp as a gangster “wrong casting” and saying “wow!!” after you watch the movie. This is a Depp show all long. The others just play along as supporting cast.

Overall 9/10 for a fantastic movie. Go watch it.


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