Sunday, December 13, 2009

951 : Movie 34 : UP from Pixar Studios

I liked watching UP  by Pixar, though it was far too cute at times for my taste. Having said that, all through the movie, I could not help thinking, “why the hell we do need actors at all, if we can make such movies without them”.

This is classic entertainment – with a few socio messages thrown in – Pixar style (like they did in Wall-E), a gentle touch of melancholy all through the story, and yet with a positive spin to the whole tale.

The best part of the story is, the characters are so well etched that you end up feeling for each of them, knowing fully well, they are still “imaginary cartoons”.

I liked the movie, would recommend watching it at least once, just like I did for Wall-E. Overall a 8/10 for an outstanding effort to tell a human tale.

up up_ver2 up_ver3

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