Sunday, December 06, 2009

943 Rip Van Winkle’s “short nap”

Picture this.

Sat morning, I finish off a few things I need to shop for folks back home. I reach back to the apartment by 1pm, armed with a pizza in my hand. Guzzle down 2 Coronas and the Pizza, and then decide to take a short nap.

Should have been around 2pm when I decided to snooze off.

I wake up after the “short nap” and look at the watch – 12:43

I am like still coming to grips with the “awake” world, so rub my eyes, unable to comprehend. A full 20 seconds later, in complete disbelief, reach out to my phone to confirm….it says “00:44”.

So my afternoon siesta lasted a full 10 and a half hours.

This makes me believe, I am truly jetlagged….. still.

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