Saturday, December 05, 2009

939 : Working for Arjun (and waiting for Godot)

In my 13 years in the wormhole, I have worked for quite a few managers, and except for 2 – all of them have been exceptionally good to me. The 2 I did not get along, I quit the job in months – I just cannot drag my feet with a bitch called hope – not good at it at all.

My current boss?
He is very good, to guys who know my context, I dont have a reason to suck upto him, so if I am saying he is a “star”, he really has to be one.

Is he ideal?

My ideal boss is someone, who has arrived in life, who does not have to prove anything, because he is already a “rock star”.

A quick question? If Dick Fuld were to extradite himself from the legal mess he is in, and start an IBank, how many of us would sign up to work for a 65 year old CEO. I think I would do that blindly. I know a rock star, when I see one.

Similarly, if Arjun were to head of an archery warrior group – everyone would know he is miles ahead of them, and both he and them would feel unthreatened by the situation – an “ideal” balance.

The idea is to hunt out those Arjun’s in real world and work for them – because (when and if) you find (your) Arjun, you have found peace and kickass satisfaction (for your own self).

The bigger idea, of course, is to become Arjun yourself. That of course requires you to be able to look a parrot and still see only his pupils.

That should not be too difficult, you reckon, eh?

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1 comment:

SSV said...

I completely agree with your view of finding ourselves ! but for a starter like me, would u want us to run behind such rock stars or find rock star organisations if even managers suck! Anyways..Im beginning to understand just how difficult life is under a manager who prefers suck ups!