Saturday, December 05, 2009

938 : Corona with Lime

I used to dislike beer all through growing up. Being part of the corporate wormhole had to guzzle a few to be considered “socially” acceptable.

I started with Guinness, which I did not like that too much (never mind their book of records ;-))

In the past few years have standardized on Corona, especially Corona Light if that is available.

Corona with lime is a combination I have come to like and enjoy.

Its light flaky and sour – and just right for me – a freaky non-purist kind of beer.

I am almost to the point of adding this to the list of my poisons, along with Chai and Red Wine.

(Facts – Corona light has 4.5 % alchohol, 109 calories and is best had straight from the bottle. If you get your bottle with a lime at its head, your supposed to shove it right in, because in that act, you would release the lime juice into the beer. Then cap the bottle head with your finger, tilt the bottle, wait for a second, then get it upright again. And, you are ready to go….)

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