Thursday, December 03, 2009

934 : Riding with the King

I have always been very ambivalent about Clapton (Eric). There is no disputing the genius he possesses for the 6 strings, but yet, something never got me completely hooked onto his sound.

I do like quite a few of his songs, but not his sound (per se), unlike DMB, Blues Travellers and the like, where I just like the sound….the song then does not matter.

I have been hearing “Riding with the King” – BB King + Eric Clapton 3 times since the morning….and its addictive.

Is it the King or is it Clapton, don’t actually know…but I am liking the sound, so far.

Worth adding to your collection, go pick the album.



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1 comment:

SSV said...

Loved the album !! .. but all the time I was like ...waiting for this to get over n I cud go bak n listen to Brothers in Arms- Knopfler... Guess.. as u said.. this ipod generation needs to get used to that style of "relistening"!