Monday, November 30, 2009

933 : Dave Matthews Band

I have been listening to a lot of DMB in the recent days. I have been an ardent fan of them for over 7 years now.

I like the fact that they sound bluesey, rocksey, classical and jazzy all the same time. Their unique sound and jazz rooted compositions are horrible addictive. I like almost every song they ever recorded, and every single version of their song… I have at least 15 version of “Crash”. (They are actually a live act who also record albums, so most of their albums are live versions of their songs…and they are famous for unusual improvisations while they play live.)

As an example, Crash is a song loaded with sexual references, but I am yet to meet someone who does not feel bluesy(and soft in the head) after listening to the song. (Lines like “hike up your skirt a little more, and show your world to me”….would sound so crass in everyday life, but in the DMB universe, they sound like poetry.)

If you have to listen to only 1 rock band (can they be classified like that?) go listen to it. I promise you, that your 2 year old will come fall in love with it….its simply musical and addictive. Dont look at them as if they were a “loud” rock band, they are not. You will hear instruments like a sax, a clarinet, a bass guitar, a trumpet….all playing live in the background….which other rock band you know plays that?

dmb dmb2

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mr bojangles said...

truth, i remember being blown by a line, you wore nothing, but wore it so well.

Praveen said... of my fav bands too
'satellite' , 'ants marching', dont drink the water..etc r my favs..
even the new album is superb..
but they did miss their sax guy who passed away last year