Wednesday, November 25, 2009

925 : “Mamta Aunty”

When we used to live at Thane (where I grew up), we used to lease a part of our house. When I was around 3, our neighbour was a young couple – Mamta and Mr. Pias (I dont recall his name).

Mamta was a bengali married to a Christian, and hence Mamta Pias and to me – Mamta Aunty.

She taught me to read, to eat and savor mutton and gave me oodles of hugs and love at that age. She must have showered at least 200 comics on me. I probably owe my entire reading habit to her.

I missed “Mamta Aunty” for long, but given my limited social skills we never stayed in touch. Years later, when I was some 17-18, once I had gone with my mom to visit her at her Kalva residence.

She looked frail, unhappy and mom told me she was very ill.

I never met her again. I still miss her.

A silent heartfelt prayer for my 2nd loveliest aunt (my first has to be Lalitha – my mom’s sis). I still miss her, but thank her for my reading and writing skills. If I ever write a book, she definitely features in the list of “acknowledgements”.

Another butterfly effect.

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