Wednesday, November 25, 2009

923 : The dreaming tree

I spent 4 hours with Ma and Pa on Saturday. 4 priceless hours that I shall carry with me to my grave. Memories??

- 3 cups of the most divine coffee (I can never reconcile, how a coffee tastes so marvelously different and exotic, when Ma makes it – it just reinforces my belief that feeding and cooking is an art, which we have reduced to an almost mechanical task. I have spent hours practicing my coffee with no success, but she gets it perfectly ad infinitum, though she lacks a sense of smell. Magic and love are the major ingredients of food, and its time we acknowledge that.)
- Watching the “Woodstock” DVD of “The Band”, and Bob Dylan “Live at Newport 63-65” featuring Joan Baez and Johnny Cash.
- Gems of insight from Ma – “art is always a search for the truth,  from a generation (now) where things are coming easy, and angst is absent – great art just cannot emerge”. (more on a post later)
- Conversations in the tiny kitchen about “darling Ayesha” (darling to both of us) – and Ma’s perspective how life will be so different without her “daughter”.
- Debating, gushing over Dylan land – and “Its all over now, baby blue” (we heard it quite a few times).
- Yeats and his poetry, and why it will always be timeless.
- Her two sons(like all proud MaPa’s, she was gushing all over them), and why music will continue to play such an important in their lives. 

I have learnt so much from MaPa, about a generation of life, love and music – which I never experienced. Conversations always leave me so enriched. I love the fact that they don't judge, they don't preconceive, they are anti-prude (assume that is opposite of prude), they are inclusive, and more so, so easily adopt an external force into their own little lives. 

It was an intensely personal experience, as we spoke about this and that, it reminded me again and again, “this is side of my life” that I crave and miss the most, but no use cribbing, its very much in my control.

I should definitely do this more often.

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