Wednesday, November 25, 2009

922 : The house that jack built, (and ma and pa made a home) !!

Was at my mom’s place, visiting Saturday night. Her house is newly done up, and I just fell in love with “it” all over again. It already was one my top 5 abodes in the “whole world”, and the doing it up, pushed it a little further up the hierarchy.

What do I like about the house?
- Facts first, its a tiny house, in a old suburb outside Mumbai. Its not jazzy by any standard. It does not display any of the standard accouterments or trappings of wealth. And yet….I have always innately felt one with it.
- For one, the house has immense character. Tons of “personal” touches all over the house – from the books overflowing out of their book cabinets, to the lazily placed Bose Wave Radio, to Roald Dahl – Johnny Depp video collection, classic rock albums(Dylan all over the place), tiny memories from all over the world, replicas of “then" zeitgeist paintings, photos and color….all of them intensely personal – almost as if, the house were a canvas on which a couple of  “lifes painted their lives”.
- The people who live in the house(ma and pa) seem to unabashedly adore  it. They just have made it their own. Its not a roof, not a a shelter, not a rest area, not a stop-gap before a “bigger comfy house” – none of that, “this is it”,  a place where they share their hopes and fears and happiness and joys and lives.

I can ramble along, but will leave you with a few snaps of it, and if you ever thought the cliche of “home vs. house” had any merit at all – I suggest, make a slap dash to ma and pa’s “home”.

IMG_1035 IMG_1038 IMG_1017 IMG_1026

IMG_1016 IMG_1053 IMG_1054


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1 comment:

SSV said...

Ur blog has transmogrified atleast in my perspective.. as in .. wat was just a passtime previously has turned out into a really prized collection! I go back and read some posts and re read a few only to find myself both overawed at your writing and enjoying the eloquence of the content.

bon vivant to all the readers!!