Tuesday, November 17, 2009

916 : Its that time of the year…

I keep getting periodic urges which are almost thematic for 3-6 months, and they care cyclical (and hell no, I mean urges and not “those urges” :-)

For example, all of 2005, I read up on the process of “dying” and went deep into Tibetan philosophy, 2006 I read up a lot on the Indian stock markets (to the extent that I still know almost every single company listed and have a view on it – whether that has any merit is debatable), 2007 was the re-discovery of fiction, 2008 was Alan Watts rediscovery  (I “credit” the guy with making  me rudderless again, I thought I had some sort of clutch in Tibetan Buddhism, that is long gone….how horrible :-)), 2008 was the rediscovery of poetry and art….and 2009 continues…..but 2009 is also…..

The year of rediscovering poetry and creative writing. I have been waking up at odd times during with strong (almost “need to” kind of ) urges to do a brain dump of a few ideas. This blog has been my friend, savior and outlet. (Also, 2009 has been about rediscovering all my old favorite classic rock bands, Simon & Garfunkel, Dylan, Dire Straits, U2, Floyd, DMB….)

Time will tell what 2010 holds for me, hopefully not “those urges” ;-)

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