Monday, November 16, 2009

915 : The Fuzzy November Rain

Yesterday, as we were driving, little nephew and I were enjoying the rain. Rolling down the window, just a tiny wee bit, we both were putting our palms out (one tiny and one relatively huge), getting it drenched, getting it back in and wiping it on each other faces and exclaiming loudly “ahah!! cool cool”.

This ritual went on for as long as we were driving in the rain (the best part of 20 mins), and neither of us seemed tired or bored of it.

Strangely, it made me feel, a little connected and disconnected (fuzzy again) with Uncle Universe. “Connected” because I was holding a little (but completely undiluted) piece of zen in my hand, and disconnected, because it felt a little odd (and terribly abstracted) in that sheltered car, when there was a lovely autumn rain raging outside. Did not seem right at all.

(For the record, I have never owned a Umbrella in my life, I have lived my whole life getting drenched in the rains, and I believe “rains==ill health” is the most bigoted and idiotic myth perpetrated by modern man.

All through school, college, engineering – umbrella was an anathema…..Thats another example of my unusual yardstick(s)/value(s) in life.)

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