Monday, November 16, 2009

914 : How queer, if it did not mean something else, would have said “almost gay” :-)

I am amused, at how often, we (that includes me completely) fall over each other, trying to impress people (and I mean seriously “impress”) who are already completely and wholly bought into us.

An example, would be me making that extra effort to even posture some stance to my wife or my sister or my buddies. I see myself doing that sometimes, if not “many” times, and every time, I notice, it makes me feel the sleepy hollow and (not to forget) terribly shallow.

On a serious note, I also realize how far away I am from even contemplating Buddhism. (Whats the co-relation, you asked, is it? My friend, the answer in a tiny 3 letter word, called “ego”). For a start, I want to, at the least, stop this “posturing” to ones already bought into me, lets say, thats a November resolution.

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