Monday, November 16, 2009

912 : The times, they’re sure challenging

By my fundamental “Iyer” nature, I apply some or the other yardstick to most things in life. And some of them are very unusual, but very important in my head. Like for example, my extremely strong belief, that the taste of food lies in the person who makes it. If the person doing it does not have the passion for it (be it then a chef, or a mother) you will invariably find the key “special” ingredient missing. How rational is such a belief/yardstick? In my head, “very”…..

So be it food, personal relationships, my banker, my friend sancho (whoa!! how did Amit Varma  break in here??)….to everyone a corresponding measuring dipstick exists.

I have a sinking feeling,  that, some of  my more “important” dipsticks will be severely tested in the coming days….and it makes me feel slightly queasy. Six Flags here I come again :-)

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