Thursday, November 12, 2009

901 : My story in 3 minutes flat

Not much (initial) feedback for my story.

Sweets spoke to me at length, she believes its more elegant in language than the ones on the NPR site, but on the flip side lacks the punch. (She almost said, “all style, no substance” :-)

I did not intend to defend against that, there is more than a grain of truth in what she said. My point to her was, a “plot” or a “climax” is usually nothing but how involved a reader has gotten into a story.

If you read my story and felt for Ma or nurse, I think its a home run from my perspective. Thats not to take away the truth contained in her feedback…she does have a very valid point (something to be worked and improved upon).

But then, if you know me well enough, I will choose a Rushdie over a Amitav Ghosh(two extremes for me), even if I did not know written English.

(Keep the feedback coming, very curious (and eager) to know what you felt about it.)

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Unknown said...

Hi Amitabh,

I agree. I loved the way you wrote it, but may be because of the kind of books i am used to, i expected something in it. At the end i was sad for both of them, but still felt the store missed something.

But i bow to your way of writing, which is one reason why i keep visiting your blog. I could never carve things out with words the way you do.


SSV said...

Agree with Deepti to the fullest! It just feels so nice to read your blog.. the way u weave ur words .. n make something very enjoyable out of nothing.. Who would have wanted to read about someone waking up at midnight and chasing some rodents n finally finding out later that it was rain falling outside... if it werent for u as a writer!

Amitabh said...

Thanks deepti and SSV, I am falliable and human, like to hear the my own paens..