Thursday, November 12, 2009

899 : The taste of bread….

I am having my second cup of posion with some lovely bread (a la bread and wine….just that in this case, wine is chai).

I strongly believe commercial bread is such a hoax, an horrible insult to our taste buds, almost a naked dance on our gross sensibilities.

Which is why, I like Europe. The handmade bread, makes me salivate. (A society that makes great bread, must be great :-)

I suggest this simple test. Chew a handmade ciabatta, close your eyes and feel the taste of fine flour in your tongue….and you will realize why Jesus “broke bread” instead of chewing on a “chicken lollipop”.

Now you know why “Bread-talk” scores for me. Every penny is worth it. Avoid commercial bread, avoid the gross senses…..try and live the finer life. It will take you a little more closer to Uncle Universe.

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