Thursday, November 12, 2009

893 : Distract your own mind, a la Trojan !!

Deepesh (Bhandari) and I were talking about migraine.

Hell why? Lets say, we find such topics as interesting as the rest of you find cricket. (That tells you right that we are very different and interesting :-))

Jokes apart, we did get talking about how “distraction” is a big aspect of getting out of an “incident”.

Tell me about it, when a few days ago, I was telling others about how mulled wine solved my ache, most people said, “alcohol solving your ache….you must be getting it all wrong…the booze is impacting your “head” :-)) ”.

I can’t somehow seem to convince people, that wine always brings out the worst and the best in me, but at the end of the day, makes me more alive…..especially if I am sharing it with a few loved ones, then it gets added to my “poison” list. I can guzzle bottles of it, fall in love with life, and schmoozle. (did we not start this thread with some “migraine” in mind???… point is, wine and friends is a heady alluring combo, makes me forget the “dry topics”, just like it did now :-)).

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