Monday, November 09, 2009

890 : A naked secret

Sweets yesterday made a private observation (to me) about my limited, if not completely absent social skills….. during a particular social setting, which we were part of yesterday.

That conclusion, at least the way I have put it in the sentence above is not a secret at all, and am happy to publish it on to the world……I am “socially disadvantaged” :-) (that does not sound right at all, very sad use of English :-)).

Its just that an average person, will never, if ever, know  at what point during the day am I my natural self, and when at a point, my disadvantaged self is trying to appear “normal”.

What was slightly freaky (and highly amusing) is the way she cleanly saw through the game, when I did not expect “anyone” to see through it….. almost slicing like a knife through a light cheese-cake,  right through the “impenetrable” facade, into the depths of bare naked soul.

That revelation (of her observation) could have either made me feel vulnerable (in a helpless vitiated sort of way), or child-like (in a cared for, admonished-by-mom sort of way). Coming from sweets, it was indisputably the latter :-)


I earlier used to believe that, a relationship “has arrived”, when you begin “seeing through each other’s games”……In recent years have extended that to include, “seeing through and being accepting, being comfortable with the other’s games.” . By that yardstick, sweets, I think, we have definitely begun to arrive (at least in some parts). I see (and am comfortable with)  some games too, will save that for a post wine discussion :-)

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