Saturday, November 07, 2009

888 : A lot of money is…..


What is this?

“A lot of money.” :-)

Was the “cash” part of the payment, I received for the few little worldly trifles that I have gotten “someone”  in the recent past.

So, what can I buy with “a lot of money”?

I don’t really want to know. For me, this goes straight into a little column in my wallet, where my mom told me I should keep at least one coin. Till now, I kept a dime there….well from now on, that goes out, and this goes in.


Lets say, its good to carry your precious wealth around. That way you always know its safe, and you can sleep sound and well.


It will also constantly help as a healthy reminder, that even in our almost mercenary world, sometimes, if only “sometimes”, albeit yet…….. a “little here” can also mean the “whole there”.

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