Saturday, November 07, 2009

885 : Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong….

Yesterday, my niece supposedly wanted to desperately meet me, before her bedtime started. (The “supposed” here is a figurative way of speaking, and does not mean that I don’t trust the veracity of the source :-))

Like a usual late latif, I reached (her/my?) home post her “sleep start hour”, and by then her bed time rituals were already half way round….in essence we “missed” each other…quite literally and figuratively.

If I can somehow make you understand the underlying message, the very same one which (I think) the universe is trying to (desperately) give me….you will have absolutely no difficulty in living the monstrously massive conflict that occupies 90% of my current cerebral activity (the remaining 10% is used by my medulla oblongata :-))

The universe seems to be doing its fair bit….the trouble is, its leaving the difficult parts of the puzzle upto interpretation.

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