Saturday, November 07, 2009

884 : Something to be mulled over….

Yesterday was a terrible day in terms of health. Had a pounding headache all through the day, and had to attend this “cannot afford to miss” meeting at office. Finally at 915pm landed at my sissy’s house for a meal.

She made some lovely “mulled wine” for me. Her homegrown recipe included mulling spices (the best from WholeFoods :-))), sweet vermouth, honey and dry red wine.

Wine is my weakness, but usually its the dry red type. Yesterday, this sweet concoction was my poison. Sitting with buddy and her, talking late through the  midnight with about 500 ml of mulled wine down my belly, seemed to drive away my mind from the headache.

I only stopped at 500, because I had to drive back, else I really would not have stopped. It might sound counter-intuitive (alcohol with headache….), but this was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Health is just a state of mind. Letting near ones nourish and nurture your soul and some fantastically concocted wine, seemed like the perfect anti-dote for the terrible health of my mind.

I should definitely do this more often. Thank you, sweets :-) an experience to cherish.

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