Thursday, November 05, 2009

878 : Life’s little lessons….school did not help, neither did the books!!

Yesterday, my sis ordered 3 sandwiches and I needed to pay for those, and inadvertently, by an act of accident, I paid for only 2.
The guy who serves the sandwiches, did not realize the goof up, and with human goodness handed over the 3 we ordered to us.

Once at the table, I realized the mistake. Sissy got to realize it as well. She implored me to go and pay up for the “free lunch”. I just ignored that request, and gave some vague rationalization, that it wont even matter to the sandwich house, whether I paid or not, finally it was just “one sandwich”.

She did not relent, she picked her purse and began walking towards the payment counter. I still tried to discourage her, and then eventually gave up. By the time she returned, she had paid for it, settled it with the server as well.

We did not talk about it.

But, I learnt something important (hell, no, not Moses’ 8th commandment )……dharma is not learnt from books or sunday school or moral science, or even with a pillar of an ethic.

Dharma just is. Dharma is you. Souped up books, fake posturing and mouthing poetry don’t (even remotely)  make up for the utter lack of it :-)

Time to start to un-learn life.

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