Thursday, November 05, 2009

876 : Unfinished business

My brother is the Buddhist, I will aspire to, but never ever be(judgment delivered). I am actually an atheist, a Buddhist without beliefs, a raft without a rudder, (stop the metaphors please !!….yada yada yada !!)

I was having a conversation (with him) around “unfinished business” – any item in your agenda which you feel has to happen to in a discrete timezone.

On a larger canvas, it typically refers to something you want to accomplish before you die. I was trying to tell him, that it might be necessary to have no outstanding “unfinished business” otherwise you can never be a Buddhist.


Because that tether will rein you back to the world of Maya. With my limited ability to influence, and even lesser energy to have a difficult conversation, I almost ended up not even making a dent in that transaction.

But I still believe I am absolutely apropos. Do you agree?

(“Proudest Monkey” by DMB playing the background)

When I walk, I walk so tall
Not bent all double over
Like all the other monkeys, I know of
But I still don’t know
If I’m so good or
If heavens the place to go or
If hell is where we were
If sinnings what we do
I know I am the smartest monkey
That I am aware of
Monkey see, monkey do. Monkey see, monkey do.

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