Thursday, November 05, 2009

871 : So far away from me

I have an unbelievable version of “So Far Away From Me” by Dire Straits sung live at Sydney. Its acoustic and you can hear the whole crowd sing (and hum along) with Mark Knopfler, throughout the song.

Its truly a goose pimply experience….I promise you, if you already like the song, you will drool on it, on the other hand, if you dont, you will fall in love with the genius called Knopfler.

If you cannot lay your hands on this, let me know, if I am around, will share this with you :-)

(My recent resolution – if Knopfler ever comes back to India, even its Bihar, I am driving down to their concert).

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1 comment:

Roshan said...

Pls email it to me amitabh. It's my favorite song. roshan.dsilva at google's mail service