Thursday, November 05, 2009

869 : My poison

At 2am in the morning, having a large (is that venti…starbucks, you have screwed my habits up) cup of chai, and listening to “Tunnel of Love” by Dire Straits. I must have heard that song at least 500 times before, but never enjoyed it as much as today.

In  my head, these songs remind me of myself from 15 years ago, all uncomplicated and happy…..primarily these are the songs I used to listen to all day then, all the time during college days and 24 hours at office (though we did not have mp3 players then, you tugged along heavy discmans around).

“Girl it looked so pretty to me, like it always did,
Like a spanish city to me, when we were kids….”

And on a day like today, I yearn for that muscled discman and the music of the 90s….of course, thats figurative, what I yearn more for, is that completely unbridled state of mind.

As I have said before, sometimes its perfectly fine to mourn for the living…..

“And I have been riding on a ghost train, where the cars they scream and slam
And I don’t know where I will be tonight, but I’ll always tell you where I am”

(Like I was telling spousey the other day, the only reason I understand some poetry is because of the music I heard in my formative years. I owe those times a little something which I can never square off. )

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