Monday, November 02, 2009

865 : Et tu, Moron !! (cheating is…..)

Okay, I would never (ready my lips, N E V E R) ever offer a clarification on any my posts, especially if I did not want to, but today, only for today, I am breaking my rule.

A lot of folks, read my post 852, on cheating, and asked, some with genuine concern and care, others with the eyes and ears of a voyeur - "Is everything ok in marryland?".

Look my dearies, (both concerned types and gossipy types), if I ever "cheat" in marryland (and to me that is not entirely unthinkable.....what!!did someone fall of the chair again...holy cow!!), I am definitely not daft enough to put it on my blog, and secondly, my spousey would have to be the first to know.

Sounds idealistic...not really if you read it in order....1. I can cheat, that's a possibility 2. I will let the trusted party involved know as soon as I can.

Finally, for the record, "life in marryland" is as good as  fairyland, but there are a million other stories in my life where things are getting out of control, and I can easily fall into the temptation to cheat.

The post was related to one such conflict, completely and totally un-related to conjugal bliss. ( I can bet, a box of you reading this, by now, would be sweetly sighing and solemnly saying “Oh, buddy, then its ok. You almost gave me the creeps”…..and my point, why is cheating in marriage any worse than cheating at an exam, or at work, or at poetry…..why…. think about it….any dilution of values should be equally undesirably, especially if it impacts what you constitute as an important pillar in your life… an example, for me, marriage, poetry, my work, my friends….all constitute extremely important pillars)


Whew!! That really felt horrible. I hate clarifying. (Don’t ever ask a poet to explain his poem line by line, go only as far as conversing about the theme, that is, if you get the it…else even avoid that).

Swipe (wiping beads of my forehead!!)


(Added as an afterthought)
Don't hate me for sounding condescending in this post….its just that I really abhor ever having to explain, to backtrack (not just on my blog, but even in real life). So the process got the real worst out to me. All and sincere apologies (as you have seen so far, I rarely, if at all rude).

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