Sunday, November 01, 2009

856 : A life lived between the deep blue sky and the red earth, (apparently) an incomplete life !!

Have been linking up to quite a few friends (some very dear to me) and brethren out at NY.
Found it very strange, everyone seems to be in the hunt for something (Not that I am not, but...). When looked from afar, their lives would seem picture perfect, almost made to order...and yet, the little here, and extra there, seem apparently missing (and these are their feelings, not my assessment of "them").
Makes me wonder, when will this infinite little race end, and do we all know the goalpost? (I dont think I know it at least....just keep jumping from "problem" to "problem"....almost unreal...aka Mario Brothers!!)
"Kabhi Kissi Ko Mukammal Jahan Nahin Milta,
Kaheen Zameen, Kaheen Aasman, nahin milta"
(No one ever inherits a perfect life, (invariably) either a piece of their sky has gone missing, or the ground is slipping beneath their feet!!)

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