Sunday, November 01, 2009

852 : Cheating and the psychological backdrop !!

I came close to cheating (or did I...., whatever...., WTF). So?
In that sense, I am a quintessential, "Iyer" dharma is defined by myself, and its usually very non-negotiable....My redeeming factor is, I have little of dharma actually.
Excuse me, where is this post going? dear friend.
I have a dharma, and I almost cheated....get the joke?
No (well, neither do I...hee haw!!)

In the process, I did think hard, what would prompt me to ever cheat, or let a trust run bad. It usually would have to be, that that particular pillar (to which the trust is tied) is wasting. Its a pillar hollowed out by entropy, and "I" have given up that the pillar can ever the restored.

Two points to note, the "wasting pillar" and "my giving up" on it.
Neither are things I particularly enjoy as a process.....but once you get over "both", you might as well get laid (guffaw!!)

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