Sunday, November 01, 2009

849 : Does Hudson make you feel older?

I was on the banks of the Hudson for the past few days. At least on 2 days, I spent time gazing into the distance, staring at the "Colgate" clock, and 70 Hudson (nostalgia?), with a large lazy cup of my favorite Starbucks chai lattle.
Usually, I cant stay still and nature am very nervous. Yet, in those moments, felt like stretching, and lolling around. I looked around, unfamiliar faces, all trying to capture the moment on their digicams. I could not, but marvel at the subtle irony, life throws at me.
I felt like taking the laptop down and sitting and writing. I also felt nostalgic, for a place and time, which had never actually (even) existed for me.
And in that moment, I also felt older.

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