Sunday, November 01, 2009

848 : Travel and introspection

Invariably I end up travelling alone on business, which means obviously no family, but usually no colleagues either.
Its a brilliant time to recharge, connect back with myself. Invariably I end up thinking about life, career, family, relationships (and not necessarily in that order).
It always amazes me how much of a perspective can change, when you try and "unwind" your mind. Like the famous grouse, "the debates of today, (will) seem so far away and aloof 30 years from now."....its true, at least that works for me.
This time around though, my travel was different, I not only had the usual "aloneness", but I also had pressing personal challenges to resolve.
The debate rages in my mind, the fire dances in my belly. Who will win, who will lose?
Time will not only "tell", but also take a "toll".

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