Sunday, October 25, 2009

847 : The cotton cloud...

Once a little sweet girl called Naughty Nona,
Was in a fancy flight across the fields of Harayana,

She leaned through the sweating window and exclaimed,
Looks like tiny balls of cotton have been so neatly arranged,

Mommy dearest, saw the sea of clouds and said "Tch Tch....
"Darling do these cottony clouds, really amuse you so much?"

Nona replied, "Muma, you have to first see, from my point of view",
Pulling her mother closer to the window, trying to share the cryptic clue.

"All I see is, cotton for miles and miles,
Our paper plane glides on it, as it flies,

Soft and baloony like our dear granny's hair,
All round and around us, looks like there is tons up there,

I want to open the window and grab at them all,
Stuff some into my tote bag, some into a slippery soft ball".

At this momma said, "Sweetheart, sadly the window is sealed
In the plane, that protects against the (outside), low pressure field

Darling, just you patiently wait, till we all get home
I will get you large curly balls of cotton and lots of foam"

Little Nona was deeply disappointed, and not very happy,
Thought her mother was pulling one fast, zippy zappy,

Drowning in loss, she almost had started to sob and wail,
Momma saw that clearly coming, had to catch the feeling by the tail,

She walked upto the smart steward and succinctly explained,
"Can you give me some foamed cream on white ceramic unstained?"

Mr. Steward was greatly glad to oblige and assist,
Frothy foam sugar crystals, which looked like they had been cunningly kissed,

Snazzily served on a platter with a shiny silver dome,
Soft curls of cream, like deep cotton kinks of a gnotty gnome,

Lovingly mommy slowly unveiled the fiesta hidden within,
Weepy Nona with buggy eyes, stirred, heard the sound of the dome's tin

Longingly looked, mesmerized at the tiny clouds on the plate,
She looked at the cotton outside, and then at the fleeting froth in her hand,
Encouraged by mommy, she slurped, sucked, licked and ate,
Momma silently thanked the stars.... "just 10 minutes left to land".

(My weak and sagging attempts at Children's stories. More trauma coming your way soon :-)
Dedicated to 2 very sweet and special clouds in my life. Muah !!)

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1 comment:

Vivekanand Kini said...

The First line of the poem reminds me of udhdham singh (Channel V late 90's early 00's). :)