Sunday, October 25, 2009

846 : Chubby buddy

Yesterday, at the airport, I saw the chubbiest, cutest and most adorable 18 month old (my guess)...yesterday. He was in a pram. A product of a hispanic mom, the mom was with him, pretty and perfectly co-ordinated dress, and no flab to show at all.

He also had his grandmom for company.

And this little guy was in workmen's pullover, with a little shirt inside, a great set of shoes, nicely done hair, and chubby like really chubby.

He was gawking all, including me...given where I was, I assumed it is culturally inappropriate for me to make passes at him.

When out of the tram, he was bumbling and walking (just like my nephew)....babbling and drooling (just like my nephew again!!)

My sister says, one should never "spot" the "good" in children, because somehow "you" can jinx them. I disagree with her a bit....yesterday for me, this kid was not an object of envy, but rather a "bundle of life" full of goodness and happiness. He made smile and grin more than I had done the entire past 2 days....given a lot of it was at JFK :-)

He made me want to hold him up like "little Simba" and say a little prayer for him. He made me love this world a little more. Should I still not "spot" him?

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