Sunday, October 25, 2009

845 : If you close your eyes, you might see more :-)

(continued from last post)

Am still at the same lounge.

Lass and Handsome are now gone....replaced by this charming man in his late 50s. Very stylish, tweed suits with checks and a great leather bag....and the bells and whistles of wealth and aristocracy.

He calls upon one the ushers and order something (its an omlette...we later realize). He walks upto the food areas, picks up olives, pickles, bread and humus and comes back.

The "omlette" is still not in, but now....picture this.

The man opens the napkin, removes the silver (I mean cutlery) from it. Spreads the napkin on his groin (for want of a better way to put this).....stretches his arms, picks up the silver....and, closes his eyes.

I assume this must be some middle eastern way of "thanking the lord" for the bread "today"....which is what it seems, because he seems focussing on something for around 10 seconds.....but then....

His hands start moving. Yes, the silver in his hand move like magic around the plate. This is freaky his eyes are closed, his neck is upright....if his eyes were open he would look straight at they are definitely closed.

Blindsided, he is taking humus applying it on pickled cucumbers....cutting it into bite sized portions and gently laying it on his tongue.

This "dance" continues for a few minutes, while the usher comes in with orange juice and omlettes. The eyes magically open, with tons of grace, thank this usher, and again shut tight, focus for about 10 seconds and the "dance resumes".

By now, I am completely awed and perplexed by his performance.

He continues this "blind" performance with the omlette, bread and humus....except when he wants to drink the juice....which again, he seemed to pick the glass with his eyes closed, but open it to see what he was drinking. Very freaky and unusual.

I saw him finish his meal, lay down the silver precisely in the "closed meal" position, wipe his lips and then open his eyes with a bright flourish again.

This experience for me was strangely mysterious and mysical.

Was this drawn out of a religious bias? Anyone reading this knows, why such a ritual?

Or could it be, that this person has a "visually challenged" person in his life, and this was an effort to "experience" the experience, and partake the "challenged" life.

I was tempted to ask him, but then, I could have made him conscious enough to never repeat this ritual in public again, and that for me, was not worth any price in this world?

Lets these mystics thrive. They make the world (if not better, at least) a more interesting place.

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